07, June, 2023

Unlike other firms, our reports are not retrieved from databases as is the case with other background / pre-employment screening companies or software database companies. ReferenceCheck.hk is not just a data gathering service providing computer printouts or raw data. We use the current retrievers to insure that you get the most current information available. ReferenceCheck.hk provides easy-to read summarized records that save you the time it would take to sort through confusing data. That means at ReferenceCheck.hk, we do more for you. That is why so many firms depend upon ReferenceCheck.hk to provide due diligence they need in their hiring program or rental market.

Turnaround Time

Your reports will be ready as quick as in 4 hours or less depending on the type of reports and searches. See details in Order Form.

If you want more information about ReferenceCheck.hk, Call us:
Tel: 2153 8118
Fax: 2153 0181








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